COVID-19 News Updates

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March 30, 2020 Johnson & Johnson Is Already Ramping Up Production On Its $1 Billion Coronavirus Vaccine Forbes Trump Unveils New Five-Minute Coronavirus Test Device, N95 Mask Sterilizer New York Post March 26, 2020 Neil Ferguson, Doctor Behind Coronavirus Imperial College Study, Revises Predictions Daily Caller Two Thirds of Coronavirus Victims May have Died this […]

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June Health News

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“Are Surprises Ahead for Legislation to Curb Surprise Bills?”- A Guide “Surprise medical bills — those unexpected and often pricey bills patients face when they get care from a doctor or hospital that isn’t in their insurance network — are the health care problem du jour in Washington, with congressional lawmakers from both sides of […]

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May Health News

“Americans Overwhelmingly Want Federal Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills” “Three-quarters of the public — including a majority of Republicans — want the federal government to protect patients from being stuck with surprise medical invoices after they are unwittingly treated by doctors or medical facilities that are out of their insurance network, a poll released Wednesday […]

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April Healthcare News

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April healthcare news update: You’ve never heard of the powerful doctors making decisions about your health READ “They are the most powerful group of doctors no one has ever heard of — 16 physicians who decide which checkups and tests Americans need to stay healthy. But increasingly, their work is more controversial than obscure.” Are you […]

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