June Health News

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“Are Surprises Ahead for Legislation to Curb Surprise Bills?”- A Guide

“Surprise medical bills — those unexpected and often pricey bills patients face when they get care from a doctor or hospital that isn’t in their insurance network — are the health care problem du jour in Washington, with congressional lawmakers from both sides of the aisle and the White House calling for action…As Congress weighs how to address the problem, here’s a guide to the bills and what to watch” (California Healthline). Read More

“Sens. Alexander, Murray Release Health Legislation Targeting High Bills, Drug Costs”

“It would be a mammoth piece of legislation, targeting nearly every area of the health care industry for reform, including surprise medical bills, prescription drugs, price transparency, public health and health information…The draft bill released by the senators offers three options to curb surprise bills, those unexpected and often pricey bills patients face when they get care from a doctor or hospital that isn’t in their insurance network. It would use an independent arbitrator to settle disputes between insurance plans and providers and set a standard benchmark for physician pay…The novel part from Alexander and Murray is the idea of an “in-network guarantee.” It would require that any hospital considered in-network for a health plan must promise that everyone working there is also in-network” (NPR). Read More

“What’s Doctor Burnout Costing America?”

“[R]esearch shows that doctors find meaning in helping patients but are taxed by systemic burdens they consider tangential to patient care. “Cumbersome, inefficient” electronic health record systems; increased reporting requirements; and hectic, irregular schedules cause doctors to feel that they’re socially isolated and lack autonomy…The study authors calculate that for health care organizations, the cost of burnout comes out to $7,600 per physician per year. The study notes that their cost estimate is conservative, only taking into account lost work hours and physician turnover. But other research shows burned out doctors are also more likely to make medical mistakes, have less satisfied patients, and get sued for malpractice, all of which have indirect costs.” (NPR). Read More

“Saybie, Born At 8.6 Ounces, Is Now Believed To Be The World’s Tiniest Surviving Baby”

“A girl believed to be the smallest-ever surviving baby — weighing just over half a pound, or 8.6 ounces, at birth — has been released from a California hospital, officials revealed on Wednesday. After almost five months in a neonatal intensive care unit, the baby girl, who was nicknamed Saybie by the staff, left the San Diego hospital earlier this month and instantly earned a place in the history books” (NPR). Read More 

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