MedBridge’s billing services focus on one primary objective: collecting more per case (learn more here). As one of the first companies to offer revenue cycle services predominantly to ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs), our level of expertise is unequaled. Our experienced professionals have extensive knowledge of payer responsibilities both in and out of network. We will work with you and your partners to improve dictation, often resulting in more billable codes and increased revenue per case.


Compliant coding
All initial coding and review of denied codes will be performed by MedBridge’s experienced Certified Professional Coders (CPCs). Our coders have expertise in all subspecialties, including new technologies. MedBridge has stringent processes in place to ensure accuracy and thoroughness of all codes, and outside audits are performed regularly. Realizing that revenue is limited by the thoroughness of dictation, we will communicate dictation techniques to ensure that all billable codes are captured.

Payment processing
We will apply all necessary codes to each claim based on our comprehensive knowledge of payer-specific requirements. Each claim will be generated and submitted within 24 business hours of receiving all required documentation. MedBridge will absorb the costs of electronic billing, postage, forms and other related expenses.

Insurance collections
As soon as a claim has been submitted, it is considered a “receivable” account. Claims are typically paid within 30 days of submission. If it is paid according to contractual and legal obligations, MedBridge can proceed to bill the patient for any remaining balance. If a claim is underpaid or denied, it will trigger our aggressive appeals process to investigate and pursue the full expected amount.

Many billing companies write off a balance after receiving a first insurance payment. Based on our expert knowledge of insurance payers, we will calculate an expected amount for every case and work diligently to recover every dollar. From our vast experience, we know that insurance companies often do not pay correctly. We find ourselves educating insurance companies on their payment obligations. MedBridge’s appeals process—which includes a series of effective letters and aggressive phone calls referencing payer obligations and industry regulations—often results in 20-30% additional collections.

Patient collections
Your patients are your lifeblood. For this reason, MedBridge will treat each and every one of your patients with the utmost respect. Our staff will take the time to educate your patients on the billing process in order to help them achieve a complete understanding. On your behalf, MedBridge will provide billing statements and phone calls to obtain the due amounts, but not without a strong commitment to excellent customer service.

Progressive reporting
Our many years of operations management experience provides our billing clients with an edge when it comes to revenue cycle reporting. MedBridge will think like you think and provide relevant reporting. We will provide you with certain weekly reports, such as our Billing Status Report and Transaction Log, as well as month-end reports, such our Accounts Receivable Report and Physician Totals Report. In addition, we will generate custom quarterly reports that are extremely beneficial to your physician partners and investors.

Intranet access
MedBridge will provide an advanced intranet for streamlined communication with you and your staff. This secure portal can be used for access to posted reports, common forms, explanations of benefits and refund requests.

Other available services
MedBridge is well equipped to offer many other services that fall within the revenue cycle. Pre-Operative Authorization includes verifying benefits as well as calculating patient portions and alerting them of their responsibility on the date of service. We can work with your current transcription service or provide one if needed. Our Contracts Consultant is also available to negotiate new agreements or renegotiate existing managed care contracts. Simply give us a call to learn more about any of our services.


Simply answer a few questions, and we will provide you with more information about our services.