Our MedBridge Leadership Team is a group of highly experienced professionals dedicated to providing consulting and expertise to surgeons and specialists.

Dave W. Odell, CPA*

Dave W. Odell, CPA*  President & CEO

Mr. Odell leads finance and partnership management for MedBridge. In addition, he is the Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of TynanGroup, Inc. He has successfully managed TynanGroup’s double-digit growth, leading to the firm’s recognition by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in America. Prior to TynanGroup, Mr. Odell was with a private accounting firm serving a broad spectrum of planning, audit and tax clients. Mr. Odell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Westmont College and is a Certified Public Accountant.
*CPA license is currently inactive.

Ashley Nagaoka

Ashley Nagaoka  Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management

Ms. Nagaoka has over 15 years of experience in the revenue cycle realm. Her deep understanding of the Patient Services, Billing and Accounts Receivable departments has helped MedBridge grow over the years. Ms. Nagaoka oversees the insurance payer contracting for all our Ambulatory Surgery Centers. In addition, she reviews metrics and runs analysis on our ASCs to ensure they are operating at a high level of excellence and profitability. Ms. Nagaoka holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Master of Business Administration degree from California Lutheran University.

Caleb Rhoads

Caleb Rhoads  Vice President of Finance & Operations

Mr. Rhoads has over 10 years of experience in the financial and operational sector of MedBridge, serving as Director of Financial Services and Controller for the majority of his tenure. After a year of independent consulting work, he has returned to MedBridge to be our Vice President of Finance & Operations. In addition to using his depth of MedBridge and financial industry to oversee our accounting department, Mr. Rhoads will lead in the implementation of MedBridge’s Strategic Plan for the coming years. He will help our teams across the company increase efficiency, as well as ensure that all departments have what they need to achieve their goals and Key Performance Indicators each month. Mr. Rhoads holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Business from Westmont College.

Marshall Flinn, ESQ.

Marshall Flinn, ESQ.  In-House Counsel

Mr. Flinn provides legal guidance and support to MedBridge, ensuring legal compliance in our company’s corporate and contractual obligations. Since joining MedBridge in 2013, Mr. Flinn has advanced through our accounting team, most recently serving as MedBridge’s Controller for over three and a half years before transitioning to his role as In-House Counsel. His experience provides a helpful finance background and historical context to his legal role and responsibilities. Marshall holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics & Business and Religious Studies from Westmont College and a Juris Doctor degree from the Santa Barbara College of Law.

Todd Tressler

Todd Tressler  Director of Human Resources

Mr. Tressler oversees human resources for MedBridge and its managed clients. He is responsible for HR departmental functions including staffing, employee relations, benefits, policy and procedure, and payroll. Mr. Tressler guides and shapes MedBridge’s company culture and people, creating a team atmosphere and productive work environment. He also provides management and employee engagement training, ensuring all staff members are set up for success. Mr. Tressler holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Villanova University and a Master of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Arkansas.

Lisa Schmitz

Lisa Schmitz  Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Ms. Schmitz oversees the daily operations of MedBridge’s revenue cycle, namely the Patient Services, Billing & Accounts receivable departments. She provides support to the managers of these departments, assisting them to deliver excellent customer service to both our patients and clients. She ensures that the revenue cycle runs smoothly by bringing her extensive understanding of insurance collections to the team. Lisa has been at Medbridge since 2018, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from UC Santa Barbara and is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.


Our MedBridge Clinical Services Team is a group of clinical experts that work together to support the clinical and operational functions of our ASCs.

Susan Andersen

Susan Andersen  Director of ASC Operations

Ms. Andersen brings over 15 years of experience in the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) field including a decade spent overseeing the seamless functioning of a surgery center. At MedBridge, she spearheads the strategic planning, organization, and evaluation of our facility’s business operations. Her expertise lies in enhancing centers for profitability, monitoring financial performance, and making strategic decisions regarding staffing, procurement & materials management, and case costing. She is a seasoned specialist on certifications & accreditations and ensures that our centers are compliant from the administrative perspective. With a focus on physician recruitment and fostering relationships, she ensures the maximization of caseloads. Ms. Andersen’s leadership ensures that our facilities operate at their fullest potential

Casandra Amara

Casandra Amara  Director of Clinical Services

Ms. Amara has been working as an OR Circulator RN for 10 years, specializing in orthopaedics, including joint and spine. She comes to MedBridge from tenure managing a successful ASC as the Director of Nursing. In her role as Director of Clinical Services, Ms. Amara is responsible for helping each of our surgery centers achieve excellence in health care standards and quality patient care. Specifically, she ensures that each center achieves and maintains accreditation and certification standards. Ms. Amara’s strong leadership brings clarity and confidence to the ASCs she manages, and creates a safe, therapeutic, environment in which the patients’ psychological, physiological, and physical needs are identified, anticipated, and met.

Sean Noel

Sean Noel  Sr. Purchasing, Logistics & Inventory Control Specialist

Mr. Noel is responsible for overseeing intricate supply chains crucial to surgical operations at all surgery center clients. His expertise includes Envi & HST MMIS, Equipment Acquisitions, Med/Surg Supplies & Services, Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) Aggregation, and vendor relations & contracts. Mr. Noel has over 20 years of experience working directly in the surgical environment including Materials Management at a surgery center, where he honed his knowledge of inventory management and logistics. Mr. Noel joined the MedBridge team in 2014 and his comprehensive expertise underscores his commitment to optimizing operational efficiencies and ensuring top-tier patient care within surgical environments.

Laura Synder

Laura Synder  Senior Client Liaison

Ms. Snyder orchestrates the seamless integration of new Billing Clients into MedBridge’s system, overseeing every aspect of the transition process. With an astute eye for financial detail, she examines monthly reports and case count data to optimize billing clients for profitability. Furthermore, Ms. Snyder lends her expertise in compliance matters to support Managed Clients, specializing in MIPS, Accreditation Requirements, Licensing Requirements, and serving as the designated HIPAA Officer. With an extensive background spanning 4 years in Provider Credentialing and over 12 years in Revenue Cycle Management, Ms. Snyder brings a wealth of experience and proficiency to her role at MedBridge.

Pascal Rodriguez

Pascal Rodriguez  Client Liaison

Mr. Rodriguez spearheads the optimization of client operations at MedBridge, where he meticulously resolves issues and maximizes the efficacy of services rendered. Demonstrating versatility, he assumes multifaceted responsibilities, encompassing billing, financial analysis, case costing, and serves as the designated Safety Officer for all ASC clients. His expertise lies prominently in compliance, underpinned by a strong understanding of CMS regulations and ASC Quality Measures Reporting, cultivated throughout his tenure at MedBridge.

Missy Robertson

Missy Robertson  Client Services Specialist

Ms. Robertson is responsible for planning and overseeing the transition of new and existing facilities to MedBridge Development’s services. Once clients are fully established with MedBridge, she acts as a liaison between Physicians and ASC leadership and the various pillars of management services that MedBridge provides.  Since joining MedBridge in 2015, Ms. Robertson has advanced through our RCM team, serving as MedBridge’s Patient Services Manager. From there, she became our Learning and Development Specialist in HR before finally transitioning to her current role as Client Services Specialist.


We are privileged to have such a great team of managers. Their passion, talents, drive and focus are what help make MedBridge successful.

Accounting Manager

Eduardo Hernandez

Accounting Manager

Mr. Hernandez is responsible for the supervision of all staff accountants and assistants in the accounting department. He is responsible for the supervision of bookkeeping and clerical services. With a detailed understanding of financial operations, he oversees the creation and maintenance of all financial documents, budgets, banking, and data processing. Mr. Hernandez holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics & Business from Westmont College.


Accounts Receivable Manager

Becky Abbott

Accounts Receivable Manager

Ms. Abbott oversees MedBridge’s Accounts Receivable Department, ensuring that claims are followed up on according to best practices.  She is committed to continually increasing insurance collections for clients by providing expert account management while ensuring industry guidelines are followed.  Her department demonstrates its experience and expertise by proactively seeking more efficient collection methods to ensure returns are more profitable, while providing clients with accurate and timely account settlement.

Billing Manager

Cora Thorne

Billing Manager

Ms. Thorne is responsible for the daily operations of MedBridge’s Billing Department. She oversees the daily billing for each client and ensures that accounts are followed up on according to best practices. She also ensures that our clients receive maximized reimbursements with the highest-quality documentation and medical records. Our Billing Department is committed to continually increasing insurance collections for our clients, and Ms. Thorne upholds this commitment by bringing her understanding of insurance collections and insurance contracts to our team. Ms. Thorne holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Human Resources Manager

Elizabeth Curtis, PHR

Human Resources Manager

Ms. Curtis is responsible for the oversight of human resources and staffing for MedBridge and its managed clients. In collaboration with MedBridge management and ambulatory surgery center (ASC) administrators, she and the human resources team develop and manage staffing plans, full-cycle recruitment, onboarding, payroll, employee benefits, compliance and employee-employer relationships. Ms. Curtis holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work and a Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification from the HR Certification Institute (HRCI).

Patient Services Manager

AnnaMarie von Wright

Patient Services Manager

Ms. von Wright oversees the MedBridge Patient Services Department which is responsible for ensuring the financial viability of surgical cases at centers and collecting patient balances. Her team verifies insurance benefits and communicates financial responsibilities to patients for their surgeries, evaluates overhead costs against insurance contract rates and expected reimbursement, and completes patient requests, disputes, and questions. AnnaMarie has been at Medbridge since 2020 and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Business.

CPCS, Credentialing Manager

Rochelle Garcia

CPCS, Credentialing Manager

Ms. Garcia oversees the Credentialing Department which is responsible for all aspects of the medical staff credentialing and privileging operations at MedBridge’s managed ambulatory surgery centers (ASC). Her team processes all applications for medical staff and allied health professionals who provide patient care along with channeling applications and requests through appropriate medical staff leadership and committees. Her department is committed to maintaining Bylaws, Polices, Rules and Regulations, and other regulatory requirements in compliance with State, federal, and accreditation body standards in order to further patient safety, and maintain Facility accreditation. Ms. Garcia holds a Certified Provider Credentialing Specialist (CPCS) Certification from the National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS).