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MedBridge operates under the philosophy that we do not just inhabit our environment but we are to be responsible stewards. We are dedicated to social and environmental responsibility and thus have taken measures to transform our office space and company culture into one that reflects these values. Our Green Business Program is about preserving the world and setting an example for the community, for other businesses, and for employers. We pride ourselves on the integrity to do the right thing as it relates to the environment.




Our corporate office green endeavors are highlighted below:

  • Low Flow Showers
  • Recycled Paper & Supplies
  • Low Voltage Light Bulbs
  • Low Flow Sinks
  • Exposed Brick Walls
  • Green Transportation
  • Repurposed Acoustical Wood
  • Low Flow Toilets
  • Refurbished Cubicles
  • Paperless Accounting
  • Repurposed Furniture
  • Water Bottle Refill Stations
  • Compost System
Aside from the myriad of ways we work to keep the office and operations as green as possible, MedBridge is also active in educating staff on how to make environmentally responsible decisions and decreasing our carbon footprint through monthly newsletters and periodic meetings. Typically it’s not common for healthcare businesses to be characterized by having a corporate green policy. However, we are committed to operating as a more sustainable business each and every year. With climate change past the point of denial, we feel it is more important that ever before to pursue environmental stewardship and do what we can do reduce our carbon footprint.
Article by Missy Robertson, MedBridge Green Business Coordinator.