MedBridge & Operation Rainbow

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MedBridge is thrilled to support Operation Rainbow this holiday season as they continue to provide free orthopedic surgery for indigent children and young adults in developing countries whom suffer from congenital abnormalities and untreated chronic injuries.
Orthopedic intervention is a growing unmet need in many developing countries worldwide. Understaffed hospitals with few resources are often the only option for poor families in these areas. Serious problems often go unrepaired and thousands of children and young adults are forced to live their lives in pain and with severe abnormalities. This is where Operation Rainbow steps in!

Check out this video of a Operation Rainbow medical missions team in action last year. Forewarning: the video is very touching!

MedBridge has a few connections within this organization that have truly inspired us to continue to support and become more involved within the organization. MedBridge’s Director of Clinical Operations, Chris Tormey and Pacific Heights Surgery Center’s Director of Nursing, Kara Maiko, have both participated as volunteers on medical missions trips with Operation Rainbow. Kara has also served as the Fundraiser Chair for Operation Rainbow over the past few years and is actively involved with its Board.

We are so thankful for organizations such as Operation Rainbow and all their volunteers whom are dedicated to changing the lives of children and young adults whom otherwise could not afford medical care.

If you are interested in volunteering with Operation Rainbow please contact Executive Director, Laura Escobosa, at If you would like to support financially, please visit the Operation Rainbow website.