MedBridge Company Culture: Our Values

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MedBridge company culture is defined by our unique values. These values serve as the glue that holds us together as a group of unique individuals. They tell us how we should accomplish our core purpose, guide our actions, and build trust. The following values are not just principles that we choose to live and work by, they are a part of our DNA.

As a company that offers various management, consulting, and revenue cycle services to state-of-the-art surgery centers and physician practices, our first and most important value is integrity. Integrity means operating with character, responsibility and transparency. At MedBridge we strive for the highest ethical standard in all internal and external interactions. Whether we are billing a client or simply coming to work on time, we pride ourselves on always doing the right thing.

By recognizing the importance of each person we work with and valuing the connection between the MedBridge team, our clients and the broader community, we strive to embody a servant attitude in all that we do. We do our best to build strong, transparent relationships with our clients by communicating throughly and being available to focus on their needs. MedBridge employees are organized into teams, which further allows for the best quality of service to the client as well as relationship building between teammates.  Focusing on others is extremely important to us.

Our standard of excellence is continuously growing. Our goal is to provide the knowledge and expertise that our clients need to enable them to work diligently and efficiently to deliver the highest quality results possible. Our mind set: do it better.

Be Proactive
We believe that taking initiative to do the work and think ahead is a crucial aspect to success. Knowledge is power and by staying up to date on the latest trends in our industry we capitalize on change.  MedBridge promotes an environment in which all employees are encouraged to foster continuous improvement in all aspects of our business.  We are always thinking ahead and taking action. 

Striving to accomplish various tasks throughly and efficiently, MedBridge employees take ownership of their area of operations and work with other team members to successfully accomplish the broader goals of the company.  We get it done.

Be Green 
We’re committed to finding ways to create a more efficient and sustainable business environment that improves the quality of our services and creates a healthier workplace for our employees. MedBridge has been Green Certified since 2010 and therefore, the office space is an eco-friendly environment. This includes low flow toilets, sinks and showers, refurbished cubicles and furniture, paperless accounting, low voltage light bulbs, exposed brick walls, and much more.  We strive to be better environmental stewards of the earth.