May Healthcare News

A few highlights from the news in our industry…

The Big Way Obamacare Helps The Poor Isn’t Really About Their Health
“The hope was to improve people’s physical health, but new research shows an important effect on financial health: The law has helped many poor Americans pay off the collection agent.”  Read More

A dogged quest to fix broken spinal cords pays off with new hope for the paralyzed
“And in the center of it all: Reggie Edgerton, a 75-year-old physiologist who has spent four decades on a stubborn quest to prove, in the face of scientific ridicule, that severed spinal cords can be jolted back to life — and that paralyzed patients need not be paralyzed forever.” Read More

UnitedHealth Makes Good on Threat to Pull Out of Obamacare 
“UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest health insurer, was making good on its threat to pull out of Obamacare, beginning with its operations in Georgia and Arkansas.”  Read More

Information provided by David Stott, MedBridge Senior Contracts Consultant.