January Healthcare News

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Gluten-free Diet Not Healthy for Everyone

“Despite the fact that a gluten-free diet is primarily indicated for those with celiac disease and non-gluten celiac sensitivity, the diet has increased in popularity, even among those who are not allergic to gluten. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, gluten-free alternatives to traditional foods accounted for nearly $1.6 billion in sales in 2015, with most of the growth driven by consumers for whom being gluten-free is not medically necessary…”Gluten-free substitutes, if based on rice or tapioca, can be lower in fiber than their traditional counterparts and may not be fortified with B vitamins or iron, a mandatory addition to any processed wheat product in the US,” … What’s more, gluten-free products may be just as caloric as their gluten-containing counterparts.” Read More

Amazon Has Explored Getting Into Consumer Health Diagnostics-Testing for Disease at Home

“A move into the home health-testing space would be a signal of Amazon’s ambitions to remake the entire health care supply chain. It could bring Amazon into competition with testing giants Quest and LabCorp, as well as retail health centers where the bulk of tests are performed today. If successful, it could save people trips to the doctor’s office for simple things like checking to see whether they have the flu, and reduce the spread of communicable disease.” Read More

The Secret to Good Health Might Be a Walk in the Park

“Last year, in partnership with the National Recreation and Parks Association and Urban Land Institute, the trust started a noble initiative that could bring Minneapolis-type benefits to every resident in the country: access to “a high-quality park within a 10-minute, or half-mile, walk,” Adrian Benepe, senior vice president for the trust and former New York City parks commissioner, told me…Parks are key to good, healthy cities,” Mr. Benepe said. “The connection between parks and health is well established.” A 10-minute walk can enhance physical fitness, reduce the risk of chronic disease and improve brain function, like learning and memory. The 10 minutes it takes to walk back home, not to mention the activity done in between, are a bonus.” Read More

Shift to Ambulatory Care Centers Seen Lowering Costs, Improving Outcomes

“Injured workers who need surgery are increasingly going to ambulatory surgical centers instead of hospitals for treatment as experts say that such procedures can produce better, less expensive outcomes with fewer complications for most patients… Highly-specialized centers can often provide better service without the problems that arise in a hospital setting, according to Mr. Vonderhaar, who noted that fewer infections are reported at surgery centers.“ One of the key reasons is (there is) not a patient mix of the sick patients, (who) have an illness that can spread, coming in and sitting next to the person (who) is getting an orthopedic surgery,” he said.” Read More