We cultivate an environment that values collaboration, innovation, integrity and a strong work ethic.


MedBridge is committed to enabling physicians, nurses and professional staff to provide exceptional patient care. We accomplish this through our dedicated employees, who build and maintain client trust through their integrity and excellence. Our talented people set the MedBridge name apart from our competition and secure us as a leader in the health care industry. We pride ourselves on investing in our employees, providing them with excellent perks and benefits while creating a culture wherein they can enjoy what they do while also being proud of the company for which they do it.

Add Ins to show our culture: Work-life balance, sabbaticals, pier walks, photos of office events (Halloween?), Strengths-Finder (highlighting the focus on professional development AND personal development), EPIC (Event Planning Imagination Cohort)

Here at MedBridge, we believe that our people are our greatest asset.

Our employees’ different identities, backgrounds, experiences, and ideas are what makes us stronger. Diversity, equity, and inclusion is so important to us, because not only do we want to foster a deep sense of belonging at MedBridge, we also want to provide the absolute best services for our clients. We have committed to creating a culture that is equitable and inclusive, by:

  • (list MB’s DEI initiatives)
  • (list MB’s DEI initiatives)
  • (list MB’s DEI initiatives)

Add ins to show DEI: people all starting off on an even playing field, opportunities for everyone regardless of background, ability to grow, flexibility for families, highlighting backgrounds in general, examples of employees who have grown over 10+ years, examples of people who have been hired in at a higher level, semi-annual diversity training, broad outreach into our community for open positions, Strengths-finder (highlighting each person’s individual strengths), cultural intelligence assessment, suggestion box reviewed monthly and vetted by peers (everyone has a say, employees get to direct the changes that come at MedBridge)

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