MedBridge Corporate Retreat 2016

 |  Chase Palm Park  |  MedBridge Retreat  |  Omni Catering  |  Santa Barbara

This year, MedBridge ventured out to Chase Palm Park in Santa Barbara for their corporate retreat. The day began with a breathing and meditation exercise lead by P3 Specialist, Alex Ash. The exercise is used to calm the mind and reinforce its ability to control the body. Of course the exercise was supplemented with the beautiful sound of waves crashing on the Santa Barbara shore.

After this relaxing exercise, employees enjoyed coffee and breakfast snacks while MedBridge legal counsel, Michael Olecki, facilitated a thought provoking discussion regarding the legal side of healthcare. The discussion was extremely fruitful for MedBridge employees as they were given a chance to discuss amongst themselves how they would handle specific situations in their day-to-day duties at the office.

The retreat continued with another team building activity that MedBridge Executive VP and Chief of Staff, Ruth Loomer, called “The Olympic Games”. MedBridge employees were teamed up into groups and competed in various relay challenges around Chase Palm Park. The challenges ranged from shooting soda cans with ball guns to piecing together a giant puzzle. The games easily brought out the competitive side of many employees (to say the least). The team with the highest overall score at the end of the games was crowned the winner! (pictured below)

The day ended with a group of happy and relaxed co-workers enjoying a catered meal from Omni Catering.