August Healthcare News

A Hospital’s Human Touch: Why Taking Care In Discharging A Patient Matters READ
Patients and caregivers want to feel prepared to look after themselves or loved ones when they leave the hospital, and they want to know that their needs will be attended to until they stabilize or recover, however long that takes … [Dr. Suzanne Mitchell is] part of a team of experts spearheading Project ACHIEVE, a five-year, $15 million study investigating the effectiveness of interventions designed to improve care transitions. The focus is on what Medicare patients and caregivers need and want when a hospital stay ends and they return home.

GOP, Dems focus on messages as summer recess, elections near READ
House Democrats have a plan for helping students afford the growing costs of college, in part by creating a partnership with states to provide two years of tuition-free community college. They also want to take $5 billion House Republicans have proposed for President Donald Trump’s long-promised wall with Mexico and divert it to other immigration programs.

How Bits Of Captured Data Paint A Valuable Picture Of Your Health READ
Every time you swipe a card to make a purchase, someone is using it to draw conclusions about you. A report by Gellman and Pam Dixon, a privacy advocate and the executive director of the World Privacy Forum, details how billions of data points are collected on everyone, analyzed and used to tabulate a variety of “consumer scores” — which assess your spending as well as serve as a backdoor glimpse at your health and hobbies.

Top Alzheimer’s researchers hope that near-100 dementia drugs in trials are moving closer to a breakthrough READ
The search for an Alzheimer’s disease cure has been dogged by pharmaceutical failures, but a network of the world’s top dementia scientists released a report on Sunday saying that the number of drugs making it to phase two and phase three of clinical trials encourages them to believe that a blockbuster may be among compounds in the current development pipeline.