Planning, financing, building and certifying is not something you have time to do.
Put our expertise to work, free of charge.

That's correct - we do not charge any development fees. MedBridge coordinates all aspects of the development process and presents you with a turn-key Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), fully staffed and well equipped. Every month of delay in the opening of your ASC could mean $50,000 to $200,000 in lost profit. With this understanding, MedBridge is structured to complete each project as efficiently and quickly as possible. As a vested partner, our interests are perfectly aligned with yours.

THE development PROCESS
Ongoing Operations Management

Feasibility Assessment
Simply give us a call to begin a comprehensive analysis of your ASC's feasibility. We will assess revenue and provide cost projections based on formulas we have developed over the years. We ensure the unique particulars of your ASC's location, patient demographics, specialties, payors, and staffing needs are carefully considered. The results of this pro forma will determine the direction of design, construction and operation.

Partnership Formation
MedBridge has substantial experience navigating the legal and business issues related to partnership formation. Our ASCs are typically set up as a Limited Partnership comprised of a General Partner and Limited Partners. Physician partners maintain majority interest and control of the center.

Project Financing
We will assume responsibility for obtaining all necessary financing to fully capitalize your ASC. This typically includes a combination of partner funding, tenant and equipment financing.

Facility Design & Construction
MedBridge manages site selection, project design, facility improvements, equipment selection and procurement, and project construction. MedBridge’s parent company, TynanGroup, is a national real estate development services firm with over twenty years and over $4 billion in project experience.

Licensing, Credentialing, Certification & Accreditation
Our clinical operations staff oversees all regulatory requirements and maintains current licenses and medical staff credentials. Medicare certification will be secured as early as possible, and a major agency will accredit the ASC shortly thereafter.

Initial Staffing
Our Human Resources Manager will develop a staffing plan and all job descriptions for the ASC. We will engage in recruiting activities to hire an experienced Administrator and/or Director of Nursing, as well as support staff. MedBridge establishes and administers employee benefit plans as well as employee policies and procedures manuals.

Our team oversees the day-to-day operations, including:

Revenue Cycle Management (Billing Services)

  • Pre-Operative Authorization of Benefits
  • Patient Financial Responsibility Contact
  • Transcription
  • Certified Coding
  • Claim Submission
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Patient Collections

Contracting and Payor Management Accounting

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Payable
  • Payment Posting

Partnership Management

  • Partner Distributions
  • Equity Tracking and Annual K-1's
  • Partnership Meetings

Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) Meetings

Human Resources

  • Payroll Processing
  • Policies and Procedures

Clinical Staff Support

Ongoing Marketing

Compliance Audits

Graphic Design

  • Patient Forms
  • Facility Brochure

Information Technology

  • Website Creation and Maintenance
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Secure Server Management
  • Printers, Copiers, Telecommunications and E-mail

Legal Services

Repairs and Maintenance


More than half of all ASCs struggle to survive or don't make it..
Start making healthy distributions.

There are three primary ways to improve your bottom line:


Accomplishing these things is not as easy it may seem. That is why around half of all ASC's are supported by a corporate partner with experience in management and turnarounds; you need a partner with the business acumen to manage costs, improve revenues, and build cohesiveness among the partners and staff.

We start by listening. Your ASC is unique, and we want to understand its intricacies. After asking many questions to paint a complete picture, we will begin designing a recovery plan. We will likely begin with initiatives that will have the greatest impact.

implement the RECOVERY PLAN

Reduce Expenses

  • Reduce staffing costs
  • Reduce inventory stock levels
  • Utilize group purchasing organizations (GPOs)
  • Identify unprofitable cases through case costing
  • Refinance loans and/or renegotiate lease terms

Increase Case Volume

  • Increase case volume from partners
  • Meet with physician schedulers
  • Recruit new physicians
  • Focus on profitable case types

Collect More Per Case

  • Consolidate and attack accounts receivable
  • Update billing charge master / fee schedule
  • Restructure business office
  • Renegotiate managed care contracts


MedBridge proudly offers a full suite of advising and consulting services to physicians and ASCs!
Your one-stop shop for all advising needs.

With over 12 years’ experience providing management and revenue cycle services exclusively to ASCs, MedBridge breaks the mold again by offering a full line of services for all of your ASC or physicians practice advising needs. With the movements and transitions that are constantly occurring in the medical industry its easy to fall short of your potential when focusing on the clinical end. This is why MedBridge steps in to assess, consult, and apply expert knowledge to ensure your ASC or physician practice business is a success!

Revenue Cycle Audit
ADVISING options

Best Collections Practices
Inefficient and ineffective collections can impair your ability to hold payers accountable to the money you are due! We can examine your cases for deficiencies in collection habits, where your time and energy could be better spent, what methods are being used to ensure balances aren’t just sent for “write-off” or “bad debt.”

Optimal Reimbursements
Using our knowledge of outpatient specialties, we will:

  1. Review your payments according to contract provisions and industry standards
  2. Identify areas you may be leaving money on the table
  3. Ensure payers aren’t getting away with underpayments

Thorough Accurate Coding
MedBridge will review your coding and documentation against industry standards and payer specific rules. Our goal is always to ensure compliant, accurate reporting of services while maximizing reportable and reimbursable services by payer.

MedBridge provides detailed reports showing where your practice stands compared to industry standards and payer specific rules so you can determine the accuracy of your coders. Through this analysis MedBridge helps lower your risk for payer audit and ensures accurate billing for every dollar due!

Online Reputation Management
The cost of a bad online reputation is staggering. MedBridge offers online reputation management for your ASC, and is committed to bolstering your ASC both in and out of the operating room. Our tech-savvy online management team will assess and review your online presence, implement a strategic growth plan, and continuously monitor and manage your online activity to ensure you are controlling your reputation and getting patients to say yes to your ASC!

Partnership Advising
As with any investment, ASC Partnership should be undertaken with caution and proper guidance. Just as a financial planner advises your portfolio, or a certified public accountant provides tax advice, MedBridge provides ASC Partnership Advising to maximize and protect your ASC investment. Whether you are looking to invest into an ASC, or are currently a partner, our expertise can help ensure you are getting the most out of your partnership.

Contracts Consulting
Haven’t reviewed your contracts in a while? Well it’s time! MedBridge will review your agreements against your reimbursement history to bring you the whole picture of where your contracted reimbursement stands. We can negotiate new and existing agreements for your facility, review a contract offer if you are out-of-network, reduce the time you would spend attempting to negotiate a deal yourself.



You provide a great service that deserves to be paid in full.
Increase your collections.

MedBridge billing services focus on one primary objective – collecting more per case. As one of the first companies to offer revenue cycle services exclusively to ASCs, our level of expertise is unequaled. Our experienced professionals have extensive knowledge of payor responsibilities both in and out of network. We work with you and your partners to improve dictation, often resulting in more billable codes and greater revenue per case.

Revenue Cycle Management

Compliant Coding
All initial coding and review of denied codes is performed by CPC-certified coders with many years of experience. These coders have expertise in all ASC subspecialties, including new technologies. MedBridge has stringent processes in place to ensure accuracy and thoroughness of all codes, and outside audits are performed regularly. Realizing that revenue is limited by the thoroughness of dictation, we often communicate dictation techniques to ensure all billable codes are captured.

Payment Processing
All necessary codes are applied to the claim based on our comprehensive knowledge of payor-specific requirements. This claim is generated and submitted within twenty-four business hours of receiving all required documentation. We absorb the costs of electronic billing, postage, forms and other related expenses.

Insurance Collections
As soon as a claim has been submitted, it is considered a “receivable” account. Claims are typically paid within thirty days of submission. If it is paid according to contractual and legal obligations, we can proceed to bill the patient for any remaining balance. If the claim is underpaid or denied, it triggers our aggressive appeals process to investigate and pursue the full expected amount.

Many billing companies write off the balance after receiving the first insurance payment. Based on our expert knowledge of insurance payors, we calculate an expected amount for every case, and work diligently to recover every dollar. From our vast experience, we know that insurance companies often do not pay correctly. We find ourselves educating the insurance companies on their payment obligations. Our appeals process—including a series of effective letters and aggressive phone calls referencing payor obligations and industry regulations—often results in 20-30% additional collections.

Patient Collections
Your patients are your lifeblood. For this reason, every patient is treated with the utmost respect. Our staff takes the time to educate patients on the billing process to achieve complete understanding. On your behalf, MedBridge provides billing statements and phone calls to obtain these amounts due, but not without a strong commitment to excellent customer service.

Payment Processing
MedBridge coordinates all deposits of insurance and patient payments, refund requests, payment posting, and credit card processing.

Intranet Access
We provide an advanced intranet for streamlined communication with you and your staff. This secure portal is often used for access to posted reports, common forms, explanations of benefits and refund requests.

Progressive Reporting
Many years of experience in managing ASCs provides our billing clients with an edge when it comes to revenue cycle reporting. We think like you think, and provide relevant reporting. Reports like the Billing Status Report and Transaction Log are provided weekly. Month-end reports like the Accounts Receivable Aging Report and Physician Totals Report are provided monthly. In addition, we generate custom quarterly reports that are extremely beneficial to your physician partners and investors.

Other Available Services
MedBridge is well-equipped to offer many other services that fall within the revenue cycle. Pre-Operative Authorization includes verifying benefits, calculating patient portions and alerting them of their responsibility on the date of service. We can work with your current transcription service, or can provide one if needed. Our Contracts Consultant is also available to negotiate new agreements or re-negotiate existing managed care contracts. Simply give us a call to learn more about any of our services.